My way of getting the best out of every client I see no matter what their goals are is to really understand them. I treat each person as the individual that they are, delivering sessions and information in line with the most up to date research. I want my clients to be able to make informed decisions across all aspects of their lives from training to sleep patterns, and to be able to feel comfortable when they are training in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment.

My journey towards a career as a professional sportsman began when I was 14. I became a full-time athlete for the next 6 years until, unfortunately, I suffered a serious back injury and could no longer play the sport I love. I have always been involved in the fitness industry and I spent my early twenties studying a sports degree at Bath University, then going on to work for London Wasps. I loved the interactive style of coaching and it was seeing people’s passion and growth that inspired me the most.  After Wasps, I went on to open my own private fitness studio and built up a vast portfolio of clients aiming to achieve different goals including: weight loss, health and stress management, rehabilitation and performance related goals.

I enjoy what I do and all of my clients will tell you that with laughter and a hard work ethos any thing is possible. I draw on a lot of different sports and studies for reference but I understand that everyone is different and I have learnt to adapt to each client to get the best from them. If you are ready to challenge yourself and are looking for a permanent change, then please, get in touch!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!