Our science. Your DNA. 

We are all different, and a part of this difference is as a result of our genetic profile.

Genetically, there are the differences that we all see, such as eye and hair colour, but there are also the differences we don’t see, how we metabolise nutrients for example, the way we deal with toxins, how well we react to different types of exercise – we all interact with the environment in our own unique way.

Genes interact with our environment – and modifying the environment modifies our “phenotype” – the way we are (e.g. a fair skinned person will only suffer from sunburn if she/he stays in the sun too long).

Because we have some control over our environment (in our case exercise and nutrition choices) we therefore can work to create the best phenotype for our lifestyle.

At DNAFit we focus our work specifically on these two realms of genetic science – Exercise Genomics & Nutrigenomics, with the aim of helping our customers train, eat and feel their best.

What we offer at DC Total Fitness

We start with an initial consultation to establish your needs and circumstances and will send you a Fitness DietPro kit which is then sent off for testing. Once the results are in, we will analyse these and create your completely personal training programme. Your personal trainer will be with you from start to finish providing ongoing support, care and assistance to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals. Whether you are looking to run your first marathon or climb a flight of stairs after an injury, we will get you there in a way which works for your genetic make-up.

No two humans are the same and it goes without saying that our workouts should not be generic. Understanding a client’s DNA allows us to tailor a workout to your strengths and abilities and really maximize the results. This knowledge goes a long way in shaping your lifestyle for maximum output. Results are often surprising and can change your life from Day One.

For more information about DNA tailored fitness programmes, get in touch via our Contact page.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!